Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Day 6: and a catapult

Electrical made a lot of progress on the bellypan today, and will likely finish before lunch tomorrow.
Design 3D printed ramps that fold in and out to prototype how we are going to execute climbing.

Mechanical members not involved on a prototype team, started making the next step fopr the pit. They started constructing 12 by 141/4 squares for the shelve that will hold all the red mechanical part boxes.

The prototype team for the catapult tested variables to determine the optimal setup to launch the cube. They tested the pivot points and angles of different things in relation to the mechanism.

Because of their results yesterday, the slingshot/puncher prototyping team spent a lot of time discussing the design of the prototype, and worked to redesign the mechanism.They then rebuilt the general structure. They solved the binding problem by welding and riveting more stable joints.

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