Monday, January 11, 2016

Day 3: Lowkey

Today, we focused on the two aspects that we want to perfect on our robot: intake and shooter. There were a couple of ideas thrown out about both of the design aspects. We decided to pick a few that we would use for prototyping. For the shooter, we worked on 1-axis and 2-axis flywheel shooters. We were having some trouble on the 2-axis shooter, as there was some trouble with the arc of the ball. As we continue, we hope to perfect the speed and angle that the shooter could be at on our robot. On the 1-axis flywheel, we mostly got it assembled today as it was just finished cut out on our Shop Bot. When we tested it out, we only powered the wheel with a drill motor so the ball didn't go as far, but the arc looks like it should be okay. As for the intake, we played around with two ideas: a intake like our robot Odin in 2012 (multi-directional poly-cord intake) or maybe even using the same intakes from our robot from last year, Heimdall. The poly-cord intake didn't get finished today, so that will be continued tomorrow. As with the video above, the 2015 intake actually seem to work kind of well, but we might not continue it as we don't want to chase balls around on the field.

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