Friday, January 15, 2016

Day 7: Proto in the Making

We looked as a team on the different boulder trajectories and we found out that we are going to need to be at least 60 degrees to be able to shoot the ball into the high goal.  We continued to work on the shooter and mount the supports and the roller that are going to be able to used within the module.  We hope that all the components in our robot will potentially be its separate module so that we will be able to take it off and fit it, if it were to go wrong.  We further our discussing on how we are going to be able to fit our shooter, intake, and scaling to be able to fit within our 15" tall robot.  We are having a lot of difficulty trying to fit everything, but we feel that trying to make the robot to be under 15" is how a team will be able to win the game.  We are finalizing on the dimensions of the robot and the shooter mechanism.  Programming is starting to map all the controls and started to build commands that the robots will be using.  Chairman's are finishing with the executive summary and they are making edits and finishing it up so that we are going to be able to start making the chairman's video.

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