Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Day 4: 2 Days Overdue

The goals we sent for today were reached and surpassed. Our goals were to solve the electronic and programming problems on the concept bot, get it driving, possibly test it on a defense (moat or bump), and test the 2-axis shooter. We accomplished each and every one of those goals, and more. We got the electronics and programming debugged done while perfecting certain aspects of the shooter as well as finishing up on some wooden defense. We finalized that and tested the concept bot on the bump. After a couple tries, it started working consistently. We mounted the shooter to Odin, our 2012 robot, and tested it. It worked efficiently. The boulder had good speed as it projected from the double flywheel mechanism. Tomorrow is a short workday for us, as our Wednesdays during build season are for catching up on any lagging homework. We will most probably work on new ideas for tackling the moat defense.

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