Friday, March 02, 2018

Day 12: springing ahead

Mechanical started the day by sanding joints to the puncher box slider so that it will move up and down smoothly without catching. After finishing that, they tested with the pneumatic and electrical boards in order to be sure that everything will function correctly on our bot. Then, they mounted the spring system and pierced all the way through the axle on our robot.

Our prototyping teams also worked very diligently today. The intake team mounted the roller onto their prototype and began to mount the pneumatic system. The ramp team drilled holes to attach wooden planks to the table frame. They also attached regular springs around the middle fold of the metal table frame. Before they can do more, they need tortion springs that will help make the wooden ramp unfold.

Also in Mechanical, the pit was being worked on. Our pit team reconstructed box joints on both the red boxes and the sterilite shelves. This give our pit a stronger and better looking support system.

Programming tested the prototype code for the puncher today and, in the process of doing so, reIDed all the talons on the robot.

Scouting implemented the saving within auto fragment of their program.

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