Saturday, March 10, 2018

Day 38: crunch time

It is crunch time and everyone is tired but it is the second to last day, so it is time to finish strong.

Our drive team went over to Buckingham Charter school to practice their ability to use the robot in competition. This meant that practice bot was gone all day because it was being tested. 
Go drive team!

With the robot mostly set up, Programming now had to set up all the robot parts and test if they worked.
However, along the way Mechanical and Electrical issues came up: the pneumatics weren't mounted
correctly, there was an air leak, the radio needed to be reconfigured and the limit switches needed to be mounted. Additionally, the banner sensor needed to be fixed and the springs on the puncher needed to be added.

In the end, Programming ended up testing and bringing up the robot after all the changes throughout
the day were made. They tested out the pneumatics, the puncher, the arm positions, and most importantly: the chassis.

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