Sunday, March 11, 2018

2018 Media and Sponsor Day

After Bag and Tag our business team sent out letters of invitation to all of our sponsors encouraging them to come out and experience our finished robot. Because it was for the purpose of media, we were allowed to take it out of the bag and present it to our sponsors under the supervision of our non partisan mentor. We also published a press release and additionally invited ABC10 and other local news outlets to come be the media for the night.

We planned presentations by the President, Vice President, Engineering Director, Outreach Director, Business Director and Media Head. We gave the sponsors pamphlets that overviewd our team statistics and outreach, buttons and 3D printed key-chains.

A big thank you to the following sponsors and people who came this night to support us.
-Chris Flask from Genentech
-Solano County Board of Education
-Sue Brothers from Travis USD
-Joe Palesi- the contact to several sponsors including Vulcan Materials and Delta Grinding

-Barbara Bingley from ABC 10

ABC10's journalist, Barbara Bingley interviewed several students and videoed the robot to publish a news article on the 11 o'clock news broadcast. Here is the link to that video broadcast.

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