Saturday, March 10, 2018

Day 36: miscellaneous fixes

Mechanical is fixing the arm to final bot, making sure all of it works and attaching parts that got back from painting. Other students were mounting an air system to compensate for the climber. Then they added the intake and re-chained the arm. Some specified students lathed out custom spacers for the arm.

On the practice bot they fixed the chain from popping out three times. Then they changed the type of chaining being done by getting rid of a master link. There was a jamming problem on the puncher with it going too far and that was fixed.

Electrical mounted a camera and banner sensor. They moved a limit switch higher up for the puncher to reach.

Programming added code to be able to get voltage from the robot in order to have encoders be precise

They worked with mechanical to have puncher be able to work and test out places to shoot. After testing, the puncher worked and we got encoder values from the arm to have positions to use.

Design worked on miscellaneous 3D printing and some CNC work.

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