Monday, March 05, 2018

Day 26: every type of printing except paper

Design laser printed name-tags for each member of the team. Specific members also worked on designing viking themed key-chains to give away at competitions and to our supporters.

They first laser cut these models, modified the designs slightly, and programmed the 3D printers to
make them in a stronger plastic.

The rest of design committee brainstormed climber ideas.

They also 3D printed plugs / boxes for talons upon electricals request.

Programming had a meeting to discuss plans for this week and the progress made this last week. They worked on motion profiling on the carpet outside. Additionally they tested motion magic even more to get a better idea of how it applies to the competition this year. They worked on calibration to make the arm run more efficiently.

Scouting is sad because they work on database everyday.

Mechanical is improving the work space of the pit by sanding the top of the battery shelf which will need to be accessed quickly during competitions. They also carefully stained the counter of the pit.

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