Friday, March 02, 2018

Day 13: we CAD do it

A rookie was trained in CNC and HAAS procedures by the current student expert. Design also finished the CAD for the arm with the integrated climber, intake, and puncher, as well as getting parts ready to send to watershed.

Programming continued to run motion profiling on the chassis and worked on the code for the horizontal intake.

Scouting updated the stats table for their teleop tab and debugged the saving and auto tab.

Our prototyping teams also worked hard today. The puncher is now in design's hands. They're going to CAD up a drawing of the puncher and make any possible improvements to the mechanism. Intake mounted one motor with pneumatics onto the chassis. The ramp protyping team shortened the deck and changed the platform to carbon fiber to make it lighter. They also made the ramp more compact, so that it could fold up into one part.

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