Friday, March 09, 2018

Day 31: practice 4 programming ✅✔️

Mechanical is filing chain plates. Also they are drilling and tapping pieces for pneumatics on bike brake. The transmission on puncher is done. Some members are using the arbor press to see if chain clamp works- it was somewhat effective.

Design is making polycarbonate pieces for the puncher. The air tanks are caded and will hopefully be machined soon. The heads are teaching their committee members how to do stuff right.

Programming is figuring out the pneumatics in order to be able to test out the arm subsystem. They were able to figure out a logic error in order to have solenoids work. They received the practice bot and worked on motion profiling calculations to work with the gear ratios.

Scouting is restricting the app to make it simple and adding two more match tabs.

Electrical is working with programming to get pneumatics working. The pneumatics started working so they moved onto figuring out an air leak. It turned out to be a cut tube so they fixed it up and will test tomorrow.

Awards is editing the entrepreneurship submission.

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