Friday, March 09, 2018

Day 32: problems in progress

Programming had a meeting today to discuss plans for the final week of build season. They also worked on fixing an error that was causing a crash in the code. Additionally they tested out arm positions and adjusted PID. The arm went into positions like expected, which is very good.

Goals and decisions that were made for the arm today included that the arm is able to keep positions without burning out motors. Also it was determined that from here on we just need to check how it works with the other systems. After testing we decided collaboratively that we're keeping the current design of the arm as it seems to run efficiently.

Some problems that we had included when initially the robot slammed down really forcefully. This was fixed by adjusting the P of the PID. The brake wasn't engaging correctly, and that was fixed by adjusting the command in code. IN programming the values used for motion magic were too low, which was fixed by figuring out the math and adjusting the values accordingly.

The mechanism seems to work a lot better than expected, and the arm should be fine to duplicate from practice onto final bot

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