Friday, March 09, 2018

Day 30: springing into action

Programming is testing out motion profiling on the carpet outside to test out aspects of its movement that have been recently programmed.
They are looking over the calibration code for the arm that would be able to read our potentiometer and encoders that are on the arm. Some programmers will tested code on the arm once they get the robot to test it out

Mechanical is threading carriage rollers so that bearings will stay on when secured with a nut. They also worked on the bike brake system on final bot.

Mechanical members are working hard to attach bearings, stoppers, spacers on the arm and intake.
mounting arm brace gussets. Welding committee is working on the mjolnir plate as well as welding the intake and spring mounting.

Electrical attached pneumatics and ziptied wires to clean up the appearance of the robot

Design is CADing and prototyping the climber. At this point it is a spring loaded arm with hooks- a worm gear box with nylon strap that unwinds to open up. Also the punching plate was being cut out on the CNC

The overall goal of the day was to get almost all of parts ready for painting final bot. By end of this weekend practice bot should be fully assembled.

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